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At Specialized Electronic Services, we are one of the largest ALTIVAR drive Service and Warranty Centers in the Southern U.S., and we are experts in ALTIVAR drive repair. We can sell, service, and repair the entire ALTIVAR drive product line. We have extensive design and start-up experience with all ALTIVAR drive products. We also have factory trained repair technicians and programmers on staff. Whatever your needs may be with ALTIVAR Square D equipment, we have the solution for you. We have done retrofit jobs in the field on the bucket drives with the old Altivar 58 drive units and upgraded them to the new Altivar 61 drive and Altivar 71 style drives. Our field service group has worked on many Square D VFD’s at government municipalities and office buildings for HVAC and pump applications as well.

Altivar ATV58HU54N4XZU
Altivar ATV58HU72N4XZU
Altivar ATV58HU90N4XZU
Altivar ATV58HD12N4XZU
Altivar ATV58HD16N4XZU
Altivar ATV58HD23N4XZU
Altivar ATV58HD28N4XZU
Altivar ATV58HD33N4XZU
Altivar ATV58HD46N4XZU
Altivar ATV58HD54N4XZU
Altivar ATV58HD64N4XZU
Altivar ATV58HD79N4XZU
Altivar ATV58HC13N4XZU

Altivar ATV61HU22N4
Altivar ATV61HU30N4
Altivar ATV61HU40N4
Altivar ATV61HU55N4
Altivar ATV61HU75N4
Altivar ATV61HD11N4
Altivar ATV61HD15N4
Altivar ATV61HD18N4
Altivar ATV61HD22N4
Altivar ATV61HD30N4
Altivar ATV61HD37N4
Altivar ATV61HD45N4
Altivar ATV61HD55N4
Altivar ATV61HD75N4
Altivar ATV61HC11N4
Altivar ATV61HC13N4
Altivar ATV61HC16N4
Altivar ATV61HC22N4
Altivar ATV61HC25N4
Altivar ATV61HC31N4
Altivar ATV61HC40N4
Altivar ATV61HC50N4
Altivar ATV61HC63N4

Altivar ATV66U54N4U
Altivar ATV66U72N4U
Altivar ATV66U90N4U
Altivar ATV66D12N4U
Altivar ATV66D16N4U
Altivar ATV66D23N4U
Altivar ATV66D33N4U
Altivar ATV66D46N4U
Altivar ATV66D54N4U
Altivar ATV66D64N4U
Altivar ATV66D70N4U
Altivar ATV66C10N4U

Altivar ATV71HU15N4
Altivar ATV71HU22N4
Altivar ATV71HU40N4
Altivar ATV71HU55N4
Altivar ATV71HU75N4
Altivar ATV71HD11N4
Altivar ATV71HD15N4
Altivar ATV71HD18N4
Altivar ATV71HD22N4
Altivar ATV71HD30N4
Altivar ATV71HD37N4
Altivar ATV71HD45N4
Altivar ATV71HD55N4
Altivar ATV71HD75N4
Altivar ATV71HD90N4
Altivar ATV71HC11N4
Altivar ATV71HC13N4
Altivar ATV71HC16N4
Altivar ATV71HC20N4
Altivar ATV71HC25N4
Altivar ATV71HC28N4
Altivar ATV71HC31N4
Altivar ATV71HC40N4
Altivar ATV71HC50N4

Altivar ATV71HU15M3
Altivar ATV71HU22M3
Altivar ATV71HU30M3
Altivar ATV71HU40M3
Altivar ATV71HU55M3
Altivar ATV71HU75M3
Altivar ATV71HD11M3X
Altivar ATV71HD15M3X
Altivar ATV71HD18M3X
Altivar ATV71HD22M3X
Altivar ATV71HD30M3X

Altivar ATS01N209RT
Altivar ATS22D88S6U
Altivar ATS22C14S6U
Altivar ATS22C17S6U
Altivar ATS22C21S6U
Altivar ATS22C25S6U
Altivar ATS22C41S6U
Altivar ATS22C59S6U
Altivar ATS48D38Y
Altivar ATS48C66Y

Almost all the Altivar Square-D AC drives listed above are in stock in Dallas Texas ready to ship today. At Specialized Electronics we will help you with you Square D Altivar AC drive needs be it a repair or a purchase. Call and ask for sales to place an order for your Square D AC drive or ask for technical support if you need to cross your obsolete Altivar part number to a current model part number.

Call us today if you have a need to purchase or repair your Altivar Drives products even if not listed above as we have many more items in stock and repair many items that we carry and do not carry as well. At Specialized Electronics we can train you to troubleshoot and fix your Altivar Drives.