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35 Years of Professional Laser System Service, Support, Sales and Expert Repairs.

Specialized Electronics Laser Services Group repairs and supports Industry Legends ESI Laser, GSI Laser, Lee Laser, Teradyne Laser, JDSU / Lightwave Laser and Robotic Industry leaders Kensington, Brooks Automation and many others.

The Laser Services Division of SES employs Advanced Laser Troubleshooting and Laser Repair Services, Laser System Optimizations and Tailored Training courses in Predictive and Preventive Maintenance.

laser repair, esi laser, gsi laser

We Repair and Service On Site:

ESI Laser System Repairs
ESI Part Repairs and Services Expert
ESI Model 44
ESI Model 80
ESI Model 2100 Series
ESI Model 4100 Series
ESI Model 8000 Series
ESI Model 9000 Series
ESI Model 9100 Series
ESI Model 9200 Series
ESI Model 9250 Series

GSI M310 System Repairs
GSI M310 Part Repairs and Services
GSI M310
GSI M320
GSI M325
GSI M350

Lumonics CO2
ESI Nd: YAG Laser Rails
Lee Laser Rails

Technical Support

System Circuit Board Repairs
Sub-Assembly Service and Rebuilding
Robotic Support and Service
DC Power Supplies
Galvanometer Scanners and High Resolution Servo Drivers
Video Frame Patter Recognition by Cognex
Probe Frame Support and re-Tooling
PLC’s (Programmable Logic Controllers)
Air Ionizers
All Lasers and Laser Systems
Cohu Camera Repairs
JDSU Laser Repairs

We do ON SITE Repairs and Service. On Site Predictive and Preventative Maintenance.

laser repair

Experienced Technology Specialists: Our laser technicians and engineers are experienced in multiple industries such as Link Processing, Active Trimming, Thick and Thin Film Trimming, Circuit Fine Tuning, Laser ID / OCR Scribing, CO2 Laser. We use the latest technology to test equipment to repair, service and final test your repaired parts.

GSI Laser Parts

This list includes the GSI M310, GSI M320, GSI M325 and GSI M350

GSI M310 SPARE PARTS LIST “Field Replaceable units”.

Part # – CONSUMABLES (Replacement Parts)

GSI 220.077.00 – Checker Mirrors, 2.5″ square

GSI 221.018.02 – Lamp, LED, T-1 3/4 green (Beam Box up/down)

GSI 225.217.00 – Lamp, 28V (control panel off/on)

GSI 225.592.09 – Lamp, 24V 4W (beacon light tower)

GSI 221.088.00 – Lamp, 5V (Operator Panel Control Buttons, new style)

GSI 522.806.00 – Lamp, 12V switch indicator (Shutter, Intlk, Laser)

SPECIAL TOOLS (Replacement or new Parts)

* GSI 221.045.00 – IR Viewer

GSI 219.403.00 – Grid SR Cal

GSI 226.988.04 – Grid 4 Quad. Beam Cal

GSI 219.029.00 – Grid Backing Paper

GSI 216.575.00 – Beam Box Height Gauge

GSI 223.171.00 – Platen Burnishing Stone

GSI 225.512.00 – UDT Meter Assy and Sphere

POWER SUPPLIES (Repairable Units ONLY)

GSI 227.318.40 – D/C Power Suppy Assy. Complete New Style

* GSI 221.303.01 – PS1 (+5,+24,+12,+/-15VDC)

* GSI 280.888.01 – PS2 (+/-28VDC) NEW STYLE

GSI 221.643.00 – (Use 221.086.00) PS4 (set to +12VDC) Camera

GSI 221.643.00 -(Use 221.086.00) PS5 (set to +15VDC) Meter

GSI 227.318.XX (No Circuit Protection) – D/C Power Supply Assy. Complete OLD Style

GSI 225.762.00 – PS1 (+5,+/-15, +24VDC)

GSI 225.761.00 – PS2 (+12, +/-28VDC)

GSI 225.178.00 – PS3 (+/-24VDC)

OTHER Supplies and AOM Module. (Repair and purchase of parts).

GSI 221.086.00 – 120VAC to 12VDC 3A Supply for Camera or Meter

GSI 225.511.10 – NEOS RF Driver Box + AOM Module (Complete)

GSI 225.509.01 – AOM Assembly

GSI 225.509.00 – NEOS RF Driver Box

GSI 225.237.10 – AC Power Controller

System modules serviced. (Repairable Units ONLY)

GSI 280.024.12 – CDRH Box

GSI 280.059.31 – Motor Driver Box

PC BOARDS Serviced. (Repairable Units ONLY)

GSI 227.318.11 – M.310 Card Cage

GSI 280.061.00 – M.310 Board Kit (includes 1 each of items with *)

* GSI 225.573.00 – 3240 Board

GSI 225.577.00 – CDX-CTC/PIO SBX Timer Board

* GSI 229.226.00 – TS226 Board

* GSI 229.227.02 – TS227 Board

* GSI 229.229.00 – TS229, 8085 Board

* GSI 229.230.00 – TS230 Board

* GSI 229.277.00 – TS277 Board

* GSI 229.378.00 – TS378 Board

GSI 225.596.20 – Aurora Board

GSI 225.500.14 – Power DAR Board

GSI 280.601.00 – Cognex 4100 Vision System Board (W/ram installed)

GSI 225.850.10 – Cognex 4300 Vision System Board (W/ram installed)

GSI 220.014.00 – Cognex 8200 Vision System Board (requires PCMCIA card)

* GSI 229.232.00 – TS232 Interconnect Board

* GSI 229.260.00 – TS260 Stop Trim bd. [LL Server]

GSI 229.036.01 – TS 260 Stop Trim Board [CTrims]

GSI 229.267.00- TS267 Sensor Board

GSI 229.269.00 – TS269 Pre AOM Board

GSI 229.269.01 – Laser Eye Board

GSI 229.290.02 – 3XIR Illuminator Tuned

* GSI 229.365.00 – Probe Card Interface Board

* GSI 225.596.07 – Bit3 Board MultiBus


GSI 225.504.01 – Camera, Cohu

GSI 280.100.00 – Camera Cable

LASERS Power Supply (Repairable Units ONLY)

GSI 225.087.60- Digital Supply NOTE: personality module dependant.

GSI 225.087.40 – Analog Supply NOTE: personality module dependant.

GALVONOMETERS, M310 Services (Limited access to Scanners) New Galvanometer Servo PCB

GSI 280.732.00 – X and Y GSI to CTI Galvo Replacement

GSI 280.732.01 – X or Y Galvo Replacement

GSI 000-3013505 – Z Galvo Replacement

OPERATOR PANEL & HOOD (Replacement or new Parts)

GSI 280.065.00 – Operator Panel Assembly Complete

GSI 221.089.00 – Control Panel Button – White

GSI 216.693.03 – Beam Box Hood Catch (on hood)

GSI 224.021.03 – Beam Box Hood Latch (on frame)

GSI 238.104.01 – Gas Strut Beam Box Cover

GSI 225.012.03 – Safety Cable Beam Box Cover

GSI 241.191.02 – Gas Strut Operator Door

GSI 227.671.00 – Laser Shutter Switch w/cable

GSI 227.679.00 – Illuminator Switch w/cable

GSI 280.079.00 – Light Tower Assembly

GSI 227.679.01 – Chuck Vacuum Switch w/cable


GSI 225.596.00 – Sparc Ultra

GSI 225.546.10 – Sparc Non-Ultra

GSI 225.596.58 – Sparc Blade

GSI 225.596.01 – Sparc 17″ Monitor

GSI 225.596.03 – Ethernet and SCSI Adapter

GSI 225.596.06 – Bit-3 PCI to VME Kit

GSI 225.596.18 – PCB Mbus Bit-3 [m310 System Side – card cage] – All systems

GSI 225.546.10 – PCB Bit 3 (SBS) Board Multi Buss [Computer side – Sparc 5 or earlier]

GSI 225.596.07 – PCB Bit 3 Board (MBS) Multi Buss [Computer side – Sparc 20, Ultra and Blade] PCB only

GSI 225.596.17 – PCB Bit 3 Board (MBS) Multi Buss [Computer side – Sparc 20, Ultra and Blade] PCB only

GSI 225.596.22 – 20 Gigabyte Hard Disk Drive (IDE Ultra)

GSI 225.546.21 – Bit3 25′ cable Sparc to M310 (All)

M310 Cables (Professionally reproduced to OEM specifications). GSI P/N

GSI 225.546.27 – Cable Bit3 25′ Sparc to Tester Bulkhead

GSI 225.546.25 – Cable Bit3 25′ Tester Bulkhead to Adapter

GSI 225.546.23 – Cable Bit3 3′ Adapter to M310

Misc. Cables (All Systems)

GSI 280.197.02 – M.310 CABLE KIT Includes 13 basic M310 cables

FORCER COMPONENTS (Repair and purchase parts) PZ-5

GSI 225.501.03 – Z-Motor Assembly M310 PZ-5 Standard

GSI 225.501.08 – Belt, Z-Drive PZ-5

GSI 219.056.00 – PZ-5 Flag

GSI 225.313.13 – Z-Down Sensor (Opto)

GSI 225.313.11 – Theta Motor Assembly PZ-5

GSI 225.313.12 – Theta Center Sensor (Opto)

GSI 225.313.14 – Chuck Interface PCB

GSI 238.188.00 – Vacuum Sensor, Adjustment

GSI 251.078.14 – Washer, Belleville, Front (Package Qty).

GSI 225.864.00 – Stepper Motor, Z-Stage

LIFT PINS Use both Pre-Aligner or Process Chuck

GSI 221.039.00 – Pin Vacuum Cup, (Each) (Replacement or new Parts)


GSI 280.375.02 – Probe Motor, Short Shaft (most current) (Repairable Units ONLY)


GSI 225.229.02 – Pneumatic Panel Assembly Rebuild

VIDEO DISPLAY Realize that the Sun Monitor is replaced by monitor replacement and an addapter from Sun to VGA.

GSI 225.558.00 – B/W Monitor Standard (Replacement CRT or LED Monitor).

We will support all other parts through our business partners and get the best prices possible, beating General Scanning prices “Always”. That’s a guaranty.

Call us today at Specialized Electronics to discuss your Laser Parts and Service needs. Were also available to on-site training classes, troubleshooting and generating Predictive maintenance for your entire production needs.

Cohu Camera Repair and Service

We can fix any Cohu Camera. “Cohu Model 4810 Series Monochrome 12V CCD Camera”, 4812-7000/0000.

* 4812-7000/0000 – Cohu Model 4810 Series Monochrome 12V CCD Camera

* 4812-7000-0000 – Cohu Model 4810 Series Monochrome 12V CCD Camera

Specialized Electronics will repair YOUR companies camera. We will match / plug and play. You may find similar, but have to modify your systems.

SES Repairs all laser equipment in house or on your job site:

laser repair, esi laser, gsi laser

GSI M310 System Repairs
GSI M310 Part Repairs and Services
ESI Laser System Repairs
ESI Part Repairs and Services
Expert Technical Support
GSI System Circuit Board Repairs
ESI System Circuit Board Repairs
Sub-Assembly Service and Rebuilding
Robotic Support
Laser system Repair and Service
DC Power Supplies
GSI Servo Drivers
Cognex PCB
Cognex Video Frame Grabber
Probe Frame Repair and Support
Probe Frame Retooling
PLC Repairs (Programmable Logic Controllers)
DAR PBC Repairs
Air Ionizers
GSI Calibration Grids
GSI panel Switches
Laser Systems
Cohu Camera
Cohu Camera Repairs
JDSU Laser Repairs
Lee Laser Repairs
Lumonics Laser Repairs
Lightwave Laser Services
JDSU Laser Services
UDT Support
Teradyne Laser Repairs
Probe Motor
Motors Controllers

On Site Repairs and Service
On Site Predictive and Preventative Maintenance

SES – CALL US TODAY TOLL FREE: 1-800-681-7374