Specialized Electronics Services Repairs All esi laser, gsi laser parts, boards and equipment.


GSI 225.546.27 – Cable Bit3 25′ Sparc to Tester Bulkhead

laser repair

laser repair, gsi laser, esi laser

The quantity and nature of these spare parts is determined by the Periodic Maintenance requirements of the system, and by the number of systems that are installed at your location.

It may also be important to consider the difficulty of shipping components to your location. Spare parts can be ordered either through Specialized Electronic Services. Toll free phone numbers are available. Call Now! You can also email inquiries regarding the availability of spare parts.

Note: When ordering parts such as galvanometers, lasers or expensive optics, consult SES before you consult other vendors. SES has years of experience and will give you the best pricing and service in the industry.