Saftronics Drives, Saftronics VFD

At Specialized Electronic Services, we are one of the largest Saftronics Sales, Service, start up and Official Warranty Centers in the Texas, Oklahoma region. We are experts in Saftronics Drive repair. We can sell, service, and repair the entire Saftronics product line. We have extensive experience in the repair, retrofit, start-up and sales of all Saftronics products. Below is a partial list of the Saftronics units we have worked with. Saftronics was purchased by Control Techniques and we are an official service center for them as well. We are constantly working with the Saftronics Factory to ensure our technicians, engineers and programmers are well versed will all Saftronics products in their AC drive, DC drive and Softstart product lines. Be sure to contact us for any application, sales or service questions you may have. We have Saftronics AC drive and DC drive sales often so call us to compare pricing if you feel you have been paying too much for your drives or soft starters. We have some stock in Florida, Texas and New York so Call and ask for sales at 1-800-681-7374.

Below is a list of the Saftronics AC and DC drives units we for sale. The Saftronics drives listed below are obsolete and when the stock is sold out no more will be built to replenish the stock. We have the ability to fix them in many cases still and if they are not fixable we can retrofit your obsolete unit with the current modern equivalent unit. We are constantly working with the Saftronics, which is now owned by Emerson to ensure our technicians and programmers are well versed in the newest Saftronics AC and DC drives. Be sure to contact us for any application, sales or service questions you may have. Call us to compare pricing if you feel you have been paying too much. Call and ask for sales at 1-800-681-7374.

Saftronics GP102001-4GP102007-4M
Saftronics GP102025-1M
Saftronics GP102025-2
Saftronics GP102030-1
Saftronics GP102030-1M
Saftronics GP102050-1
Saftronics GP102075-1
Saftronics GP104001-4
Saftronics GP104002-1
Saftronics GP104002-4
Saftronics GP104005-4
Saftronics GP104005-4M
Saftronics GP104007-4
Saftronics GP104015-4
Saftronics GP104050-1

Saftronics Drives, Saftronics VFD

Saftronics AC Drive PC102001-9
Saftronics AC Drive PC102005-9
Saftronics AC Drive PC102007-9
Saftronics AC Drive PC102010-9

Saftronics AC Drive  VG102001-1

Saftronics AC Drive FRN200VG7-4
Saftronics AC Drive FRN3.7VG7-4
Saftronics AC Drive FRN5.5VG7-4
Saftronics AC Drive FRN55VG7-4

Saftronics C102001-1
Saftronics C102003-1
Saftronics C102005-1
Saftronics C102007-1
Saftronics C102010-1
Saftronics C102015-1
Saftronics C102020-1
Saftronics C102025-1
Saftronics C102030-1
Saftronics C102040-1
Saftronics C104001-1
Saftronics C104007-1
Saftronics C104020-1
Saftronics C104040-1
Saftronics C104050-1
Saftronics C104060-1
Saftronics C104075-1

Saftronics CV102001-91
Saftronics CV102002-9
Saftronics CV102002-91
Saftronics CV102007-9
Saftronics CV102010-9
Saftronics CV102F50-9
Saftronics CV102F50-91
Saftronics CV104002-9
Saftronics CV104003-9
Saftronics CV104007-9
Saftronics CV104010-9
Saftronics CV104015-9

Saftronics S101F25-41
Saftronics S101F50-41
Saftronics S102001-41
Saftronics S102001-41FS
Saftronics S102002-4
Saftronics S102003-4
Saftronics S102003-9
Saftronics S102F25-41
Saftronics S102F25-41FS
Saftronics S102F50-41
Saftronics S102F50-91
Saftronics S104001-4FS
Saftronics S104002-4
Saftronics S104002-4FS
Saftronics S104002-9
Saftronics S104003-4
Saftronics S104003-9

We may have a Saftronics ac drives manual, or a Saftronics ac drives technical handbook, or a Saftronics ac drives technical guide book. Call us today!


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