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Fairford DFE Soft Starter

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Fairford Electronics Soft Start Sales, Fairford Electronics Soft start Repair and Service. At Specialized Electronic Services, we are one of the largest Fairford Electronics Service and Warranty Centers in the United States, and we are experts in Fairford Electronics Soft Start repair. We can sell, service, and repair the entire Fairford Electronics product line of softstarters. We have extensive design and start-up experience with all Fairford Electronics products.

Below is a partial list of the Fairford Electronics units we have worked with. We are constantly working with the Fairford Electronics Factory to ensure our technicians and programmers are well versed in the newest Fairford Electronics products. Be sure to contact us for any application, sales or service questions you may have. We have Fairford Electronics Soft starter sales often so call us to compare pricing if you feel you have been paying too much.

Fairford DFE’s

Size 1
Fairford DFE 02 22A
Fairford DFE 04 29A
Fairford DFE 06 35A
Fairford DFE 06 41A
Fairford DFE 08 55A
Size 2
Fairford DFE 12 66A
Fairford DFE 14 80A
Fairford DFE 16 97A
Size 3
Fairford DFE 22 132A
Fairford DFE 24 160A
Fairford DFE 26 195A
Size 4
Fairford DFE 30 230A
Fairford DFE 32 280A
Fairford DFE 34 350A
Fairford DFE 34 382A
Fairford DFE 36 460A
Fairford DFE 38 500A

Fairford DFE Specs:

Operational Voltage (Ue) 230-460VAC rms,
3-Phase (-15% +10%)
Rated Frequency 50 – 60Hz +/- 2Hz
Index Rating Light Duty (DFE-02 – DFE-26)
AC53b: 3-5: 355
Core Duty (DFE-02 to DFE-26)
AC53b: 3.5-12: 708
Light Duty (DFE-30 – DFE-38)
AC53b: 3-5: 355
Core Duty DFE-30 – DFE-38)
AC53b: 3.5-12: 1188
Start Time 0.5 to 30 Seconds
Stop Time 0 to 30 Seconds
Control Supply 24V DC Supplied externally to
terminals X1-X2
DFE-34 to DFE-38 need a power
supply capable of 3 amps for
1 second
Power supply available, please
contact Fairford for more details.
Soft Start/Stop Control 24V DC/110V AC galvanically
isolated terminals A1-A2
Auxiliary Circuits (Relays) Run – 13/14, Ready – 23/24.
230VAC 3A, Ac11
Indication Multifunction LED on the front of
the unit
Power Terminals Input 1/L1, 3/L2 and 5/L3
Output 2/T1, 4/T2 and 6/T3
Up to 55kW IP20 rated wire
clamping terminals
75kW to 280kW External Busbars
IP Rating Up to 55kW IP20
75kW to 280kW IP00
Ambient Temperature 0°C to 40°C
Above 40°C de-rate linearly by
2% of unit FLC per °C to a
de-rate of 40% at 60°C
Transport and Storage -25°C to +60°C
Altitude 1000m. Above 1000m de-rate
linearly by 1% of unit FLC per
100m to a maximum altitude
of 2000m
Humidity Max. 85% non-condensing,
not exceeding 50% at 40°C

CALL NOW TOLL FREE: 1-800-681-7374