VFD Electrical Noise Issues: Specialized Electronic Services also provides onsite training to help your staff troubleshoot their own vfd drive problems and electronic noise issues. If you have Foreign metal Detectors, Stealth Metal Detectors that have any Electrical Noise Issues, you can count on us.

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Many of the issues that arise having electrical noise issues come from Foreign Metal Detectors, Stealth Metal Detectors.

Electrical Noise Issues are produced by:

Electro Magnetic Field or EMF is created around power wires.

Total Harmonic Distortion or THD

AC Ripple

Radio Frequencies such as walky-talkies, forklifts which induce noise on the low signal supply lines that Foreign Metal Detectors use.

Static Electricity

And when an AC Power voltage is riding on DC power supplies you no longer have a clean DC power source.

These and other phenomena cause:

Nuance Trips

False Trips

Intermittent Trips

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