Yaskawa VFD CIMR-E7U40151

Yaskawa VFD E7 Series


Rated Output Current (Amps)
Nominal HP2
Standard Enclosure

E7 Series Information
General Purpose Drive
Closed Loop Vector

Applications: The E7 Drive is a variable torque VFD drive, designed specifically for HVAC applications in building automation. A new benchmark for size, cost, performance, benefits, and quality, the drive includes numerous built-in features such as Network Communications, H/O/A, PI, and energy-savings functions.

Features: The E7 has embedded communications for the popular building automation protocols, Johnson Controls Metasys N2 and Siemens APOGEE FLN, as well as Modbus. Optional LonWorks, EtherNet/IP and Modbus TCP/IP interface cards are available.

The LCD keypad/operator is equipped with Hand/Off/Auto functions, copy feature, 7 language choices, and 5 lines of display, 16 characters per line. Optional software allows upload/download, as well as graphing and monitoring of drive parameters from a PC for ease of drive management. User parameter settings can be recovered at any time via user re-initialization.

Built-in PI maintains set point for closed loop control of fans and pumps for pressure, flow or temperature regulation and eliminates the need for output signals from a BAS. It includes feedback display, inverse, square root and differential control functions.

A Sleep function provides significant energy savings by minimizing operating hours. Under-torque detection alerts the operator to conditions such as loss of load or broken belts.

Energy savings control is an automatic output voltage adjustment in response to actual motor load. Real-time energy savings is based on motor algorithms. Motor efficiency is increased by several percent. Built-in kw-hr and kw display eliminates the need for external signal conditioner for energy monitoring.

If a phase-shifting input transformer is used, the E7 dual-diode bridge can be operated in 12-pulse rectification mode, reducing input current harmonic distortion factor by over 90%. With lower EMI/RFI emission and lower total harmonic distortion contribution, the E7 meets or exceeds the generally accepted power quality standards. Inherent motor protection features resulting from low noise/low carrier technology provides for longer lead lengths without additional motor protection devices.

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